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Trade Marks Protect Your Goodwill

Welcome to Trade Marks R Us ®.

Where we can help you register your Australian and International trade mark in a simple, efficient and costless process.

Trade Marks R Us ® is a division of Monardo Solicitors, we have been offering legal services in Australia for over 30 years, since 1981.

Protect Your Trade Mark. Trade marks protect the goodwill of your business, services and products. Just because your company or business name bears your brand name doesn’t mean that someone can’t register a trade mark of the same or similar name or logo and you could end up in dispute and spending $10,000’s defending your trade mark without any certainty that you will win, particularly when your opponent is a large corporation with deep pockets.

The UGG Trade Mark Dispute is a famous example of how trade mark disputes can get Ugg-ly!

Most people believe that only large corporations like Virgin, Coca Cola or Nike need to register their trade marks and that it’s so complex and expensive. Not so, at Trade Marks R Us ® we make the process simple and easy for you.

“My Business Is Not Big Enough To Trade Mark”. Nor was Boost Juice when it started and it has become a national brand and worldwide franchise in just 11 years with 580 stores in 13 countries. (Source: Boost Juice website 26 March 2021). Where would it be today without its trade mark protection.

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We make the Trade Mark Process simple and easy for you.