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Trade Marks R Us ® – The name says it all. We offer a simple, easy and costless process to register your Australian & International trade marks. Yes, by Trade Mark Lawyers.

Did you know that you do not own your company or business name and that other persons just need to vary the name slightly and they can apply to register a similar company or business name. For example ‘Johns Donuts’ and ‘Johns Donuts Australia’.

Not so with a registered trade mark, as you own the trade mark that distinguishes your goods or services. In the case of “John’s Donuts” no one else could register a trade mark that included the words ‘John’ and ‘donuts’ for the goods of ‘donuts’.

You can even sell or mortgage your registered trade mark, that’s how valuable a trade mark is.

At Trade Marks R Us ® we make registering your trade mark simple, easy and costless!

We can even help you overcome any existing oppositions to registering your trade mark raised by the Trade Marks Office or a competitor.

As well, we can advise you in relation to anyone passing off their goods or services for those protected under your trade mark.



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Fixed Price Legal Fees
first class + GST: $475
additional class $275
Gov’t Application Fee*

per class. $250
*if we can use trade mark ‘pick list’ to describe goods/services, if not $400.

Australian Trade Mark Process


Yes, we can also assist you to register your trade mark in:
• over 88 countries;
• incl China, USA, UK, EU, Canada & NZ.
Don’t wait until you start doing business internationally, it might be too late!

International Trade Mark Process

100% Guarantee*
YES, if we can’t register your Australian trade mark we will refund our legal fees. It’s that simple. *conditions apply

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