International Trade Mark Enquiry

Tells us in which countries you wish to register your trade mark and we will provide you with a quote of our legal fees and filing fees:
For example “MICROSOFT
For example:

If your trade mark consists of an image you will need to provide us with a file attachments. Please note the following important information regarding file attachments:
Accepted file types are GIF (.gif), TIFF (.tif), BMP (.bmp), PNG (.png), and JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg). Animated GIF files are not supported.
Please ensure there are no spaces in the file name.
Due to system constraints, file attachments are limited to a maximum of 10Mb.
We recommend a minimum image size of 227 x 227 pixels (approximately 8 x 8 cm) to ensure that the features of the trade mark can be clearly identified.
If your trade mark requires more than one file to be represented, these should be zipped in a single file. If it is important that your zipped files are presented in a specific order, the file names should commence with a number to indicate the sequence.

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